What is the First Step in Changing the Layout of My Home?

Make a wish list.  Yes it’s that simple.  Before you meet with your contractor, designer or architect, know what you want the space to do for you.

When I meet with a client for the first time I like to ask, “what do you really want the improvement to do for you”. The client will normally say something like, I want the cooktop here, I want an island, I want the kitchen or bath to look like this or I want a 20’ x 20′ room off the rear. They don’t think about just stating how the improvement will benefit the entire family and improve their lives. During the first interview, if the design professional understands how the improvement will impact your family’s lifestyle and add to your quality of life, they will be better equipped to make suggestions improving the value of your home and making your life more enjoyable.

The first meeting should include all interested parties. Before meeting with your design professional for the first time, have a list of needs or wants, not a design, just your wishes. Let them [design professional] consider those needs, making suggestions on how they can include your needs into a design that meets all the local code requirements and enhances the architectural lines of home, improving your homes deficiencies based on your current needs. If the improvement is a kitchen or bathroom, add a column “What I don’t like about the current space”. It’s important [as a designer] not to only understand what a client wants, just as important, what they don’t like about the current layout. Extremely helpful, have pictures of design elements you like and a budget in mind. The first meeting should be a free flow of ideas so don’t count anything out at this point because you think it might not work or it may be too expensive. There will be plenty of time through the design process to make cuts as a result of your budget or elements that may not work.

Baccaro Construction is a “Design and Build” contractor with NKBA certified kitchen and bath designers, working with our clients from the initial “Wish List” to setting the final finishing nail. If you are ready for your first free consultation, call us.

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