The Anatomy of a Home Improvement

Written by Peter Baccaro, CKD, CBD

A home improvement can be the second largest purchase you make in your life, next to the purchase of your home.  Why leave it to happenchance, an inordinate amount of thought and research went into the purchase of your home, the same should be given to your home improvement, no matter the size.  While purchasing your home, you ordered termite and home inspections, title search, and many visits to confirm this was the home of your dreams.  When purchasing a home improvement, most clients will interview a few contractors, obtain a few estimates and make a decision with only a few facts.  Unlike the purchase of a home, you cannot walk through and inspect your improvement until it is complete.  It only makes sense to use the services of a contractor that’s as vested in your project as you are with full disclosure.

At Baccaro Construction we use the Team Baccaro approach, a Design/Build approach that is unsurpassed in the industry.  We believe you should know every detail of your project prior to paying a penny or signing a contract.  Unlike other designers that charge a design fee, or contractors that use an outside service for their designs, we believe there is a relationship that develops as the project develops and this carries all the way to the last driven nail.  This relationship is similar to a marriage, it needs time to develop and should start as early in the project as possible, we believe at the onset of planning.

The Team Baccaro approach is simple; our entire team works with you through the interview, product selection, designs, planning and implementation.

31_Galindo DSC_0050 (18)The First Step, make a wish list, then make an appointment to meet in our office.   Mr. and Mrs. Galindo said “…Stephanie was so sweet and patient helping us to design and choose our cabinetry.  She seemed to instinctively know what I wanted and had envisioned.”  We believe it is important for us to know not only what you don’t like about your current space, but what you like about it as well.  With our (11) page survey, understanding all your needs and wants is easy.  Important questions are asked and answered, “How many other household members cook?”, “What secondary activities take place in your kitchen?”, “Would you like to consider either a tub or shower that will accommodate more than one person?”  All these questions are designed to get to know you better, so your most precious desires are addressed.

After we have a complete understanding of your needs, we start the product selection.  This is an important step in the initial planning of the project.  While reviewing and selecting product, we gain a further understanding of you and your plans for the use of the space.  We try to put a minimal amount of restrictions on what you select, we believe this gives a full understanding of how you want the space to function, knowing as the plans are developed some items may not work.  The design stage is very fluid and should be allowed to create alternate ideas, if for nothing more than to explore all options.

Electrical PlanThe Next Step, take all the information we’ve gathered, along with precise job site measurements, and start the design process.  As the design drawings progress, we’ll have several meetings with our clients, constantly reviewing your wish list, questionnaires, and product selections.  The drawings are developed in layers, this way you’re part of the process and can give input at every stage of the design.  Mrs. Santana said, “You, Stephanie and Ambrose showed a lot of patience with my many concerns and questions.  Your willingness to work with me and my budget was very much appreciated and took a lot of stress off my shoulders.”  During the design process not only are the design elements discussed, but budgets are reviewed.  We find this as an important step in developing a comprehensive plan that not only takes into account the physical elements of a project, but the financial commitment as well.

Floor Plan

The Final Step, using the detailed plans that have been developed for your project, draft and provide a detailed written scope of project with a fixed price, easy to understand, including appropriate quantities, brands, model numbers, finishes, all the way down to grout thickness and colors.  Our philosophy, we take the time and effort to catch every detail before the project is started, and specify exact products as opposed to allowances for products.  Even with approximately 50 years of experience in home remodeling there are many variables, nothing is perfect and we will not catch everything.  Although, if we go to this level of detail prior to starting a project, anything we didn’t catch will be minimal and can be dealt with fairly easily.  What does this mean to our clients, a fluid schedule with fast completion, value for your money, and the project of your dreams, all done with a minimal amount of inconvenience and disruption.

32_Galindo DSC_0050 (1)

Now that products are selected and drawings are done, the next step is easy, start construction of your project, but our planning doesn’t stop with the designs of your project.  We understand your home is not a job site, and needs to be treated with the same respect any guest you invite into your home would give.  Most of our projects include some custom and special order materials.  As soon as contracts are signed, we order all materials, and with all kitchen and bathroom remodels, nothing is started until all the product is ordered, delivered and inspected.  With the exception of cabinets, all materials are delivered to our warehouse where boxes are open, product inspected, and material tagged for delivery to your home.  Mr. and Mrs. Killian wrote, “The organization with which this project was completed made it go smoothly, on time and within budget.  From the initial plans, to demolition and final walk through was done on time.  We cannot say anything that went wrong.”  We find this level of attention with the fact we use our own employees to complete critical items, such as demolition, clean up, rough carpentry, finish carpentry, cabinet installation, and all detail functions after all trades are complete, gives us control of your project that allows for a unique improvement that looks and feels as it was always there.

During the design process this may seem a little overwhelming, and contractors without the commitment we make to our clients may say, “All this is not necessary, let’s get the project started and during the construction you can make those choices.”  We believe the “Team Baccaro” approach is the gold standard, and our clients believe the same.  Mr. and Mrs. Lillie write, “100% satisfied with the quality, timeliness and professionalism of the work, we received.  All of Baccaro’s employees were kind, considerate and professional.  It is perfect.”  With all the care and attention to detail you will receive from Baccaro Construction, why consider anything less.  With commitment, experience craftsmen, integrity, and reliability, why do business with anyone else?  Now, the only thing left to do, pick up the phone and call, we will handle the rest.

Estrada DSC_0018 (1)
From the home of Mr. and Mrs. Estrada:

“The kitchen is beautiful & exceeded our expectations.  The timeline was adhered to and all workers were courteous & neat.”


Lillie011From the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lillie:

“Excellent workmanship and attention to detail.  The process was painless, everything went smoothly.”



Barlow004From the home of Mr. and Mrs. Barlow:

“…we want to thank you for an outstanding performance.  We had read many disaster stories about remodeling projects gone bad.  We are now so thankful that we stopped by your booth and met Gerrie…”

Barlow002“The key to the success of our contract was the pre-contract effort by you, Gerrie, and Meri to define and document every detail of our job.”

“…your organization provided many new ideas and tied down all the details to achieve a beautiful home at a reasonable price.”

“Our many meetings were productive and enjoyable and the resulting documents packaged prevented the in-process surprises and conflicts that make newspaper horror stories.”

“…we received comments from our neighbors on the absence of trash on and around our property.”

“We are more than happy for you to use us as a reference and you can be assured that we will provide an enthusiastic positive recommendation.”

“Sincerely, Dick & Sharon Barlow”

Ciulik001From the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ciulik:

“My dream of a new and wonderful kitchen has been realized thanks to you and your fine staff!” 

“We were warned about horror stories that could fill a book.  But ours is not one of those…not at all…dealing with Baccaro Construction was an enlightening experience…watching as this new kitchen evolved under your capable hands and your staff.”

5_Ciulik002“Pete, your design abilities are amazing…you put together cabinets and cupboards and so many more features as though you had known me for years and stood by me as I cooked.”

“You instinctively seemed to know what I would need and where is should be placed so as to gain as much space as possible…”

“Your staff impressed me tremendously.  Everyone was kind, respectful, and sincerely listened to my concerns when I had them….excellent workers and genuinely nice people…fine craftsman in their field.”

“Thank you for such a fine kitchen.  Bob and I are tremendously pleased!”

“Laura J. Ciulik”

233_La Granduer007From the home of Mr. and Mrs. La Grandeur:

“Ambrose’s project management was hands-on and very helpful.  The last job, in Rowland Heights, was good-but this was better due to his frequent communication.”


40_Killian Dsc_0002 (25)From the home of Mr. and Mrs. Killian:

“We would like to thank you and your company for the outstanding work that was accomplished in our home.  The planning and patience was all worth it.  The results were better than we had imagined.”

“We would also like to personally thank your entire crew, from Stephanie who helped plan the kitchen to Ambrose who was always at our home making sure everything was clean and in order.  Also thank Dave and Julio, they did an outstanding job.”

Jacobsen After001EDITFrom the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jacobsen:

“Ambrose kept us informed every step of the way; IE, when each contractor would arrive or when an inspector was scheduled. Ambrose was always available by phone. Whenever any minor glitch occurred, Ambrose was right on it. Thanks also for referring an excellent painter.”



Eaves After002From the home of Mr. and Mrs. Eaves:

“I was extremely impressed with the professional skills and attention to detail by installers. Was pleased to see foreman find issues with work of subs that he addressed promptly. Exceptionally good experience for both of us.”


Sprague After 06 26 2012 004.JPGFrom the home of Mr. and Mrs. Sprague:

“We have used other contractors before including Bacarro. If it was up to me I would use no one else.”



Kawano After Picture 01 10 2014 006
From the home of Mr. and Mrs. Kawano:

“We are still in “awe” over the new look of the kitchen. The original angled counter top design idea really gave it a new and roomier feel, much more “open” feel. Flooring and cabinet work details reflect true “craftsmanship” by the team.”

Hughart After 05.13.2014 006.JPGFrom the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hughart:

“Your team was so helpful in design of both bathrooms. Ambrose was very helpful in all construction. We had a few issues that were handled in a timely manner. We appreciate all their experience in providing two beautiful bathrooms.” 

Anthony After 08.07.2017 001 EDITFrom the home of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony:

“It has been a delight working with everyone connect to Baccaro Construction. Please pass along our sincere thank you for a job well done! And a special thanks to Ambrose for always sticking up for us and making sure all went well.”



De Fazio After 11.20.2015 004From the home of Mr. and Mrs. DeFazio:

“Your design team listened carefully and incorporated our ideas into the design. You meshed the old with the new to effectively create a beautiful and functional kitchen. Your construction staff were remarkable. They answered our questions, had lot of good input, and were able to make those annoying onsite fixes that varied from the plans. They always cleaned up at the end of the day. Your team’s carpentry and administrative skills kept our project going smoothly and on schedule.” 

Rubin After 02.09.2016 005 EDIT

From the home of Mr. and Mrs. Rubin:

“Our bathroom is a gem. We love it.”



Lynch After 06.16.2017 001 EDITFrom the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lynch:

“Thank you for managing our project in a timely manner. Communication was excellent through the entire project. Ambrose and David were exceptional!! I hope Cheryl and I can direct some new business to you. Thank you again for all of your help.”